Wellness is Resilience

Did you know that the #1 way to maintain physical health and mental fitness is self-care? And yet we have no easy way to stay current with the vast world of health and wellness landscape in a personalized, convenient way. The next decade of SDOH and healthcare will be determined by better self-care, by increasing our resilience through knowledge and peers, and Reservoire has developed the science of just that.

Reservoire Health is the only smart system designed to build resilience through personalizing the vast universe of health intelligence. It is the first application in the world to intersect machine learning and digital intelligence, tracking every day the 96 most important aspect of wellness, personalized to any person. The ultimate painpal and resilience system for your employees is now here.


Higher Health IQ



Peer pals, with AI

Experience the remedies sourced from every verified health source in the world, with the option to connect with people just like you. Discover and message based on topic or location. Reservoire was designed by experts across the medical, psychological and science fields, founded by a combat veteran and West Point graduate.


contextual content

Access better articles, resources, and peer-reviewed tips on everything from parenting to chronic illness, with complete automation based on your interests. With over 98% of the world’s health information being unstructured, our AI is powering that context and discovery for you.



Cultivate resilience with a system unique to you. Reservoire identifies topics, treatments, and connections that can help you feel better and becomes your intelligent source for all things wellness. You even experience your own wellness meter based on algorithms to help track your capacity to train the brain for pain.


Why resilience?

Anyone can be resilient, including you. On average we will experience between 54 and 71 pains over our lifetime, mental and physical, chronic and temporal.

Resilience is not a trait that you either have or don’t. Resilient behavior, thoughts, and actions can be learned and developed, and it all starts with increasing your health IQ.

A primary factor in resilience is having a means to develop connections, context and measurement that facilitates trust, in yourself and those who experience a similar journey. That’s why Reservoire crowd sources and indexes relevant content, using machine learning, for you to track your progress and build the lifelong power of resilience in you.

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Sources: American Psychological Association & American Heart Association

Resilient Millennials

Increase your capacity.


Training the brain for self-care

Reservoire was developed by medical professionals, pain specialists, psychologists, professional athletes and combat veterans. Resilience is achievable by mostly everyone, and according to the American Heart Association in 2019, building resilience is the most important aspect of healthier lives for a stressed out world. Reservoire utilizes proven resilience training methods and personalizes your experience with a blend of human intelligence and AI.

Rather than sourcing information from anonymous sources, Reservoire leverages authenticated content, verified social networks, artificial intelligence, and a patented virtual agent for health management and growing personal resilience. Reservoire even provides a resilience meter to better measure and improve health outcomes.

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Resilience is contagious

The simplicity to get smarter is the biggest plus of this app.
— Robin
I did not plan on it but ended up learning how to eat better through this app.
— Hopps
My work-life balance was improved after spending casual time on Reservoire, and feel I am living better.
— F.P.
The nutrition and exercise channel has been my go-to feed to stay current with a healthier lifestyle, and approach to my work.
— Nick

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