We’re on a mission to grow our health intelligence and human resilience.

Reservoire Team - Mission of Resilience

Our health can be improved simply by being smarter about our own self-care. Cognitive science can build resilience at any age and personalized intelligence is the most important ingredient to make that happen.

We founded Reservoire because we’ve experienced adversity, stress, and health challenges in our own lives. We’ve learned the power of resilience and help create that condition for the world.

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"Resilience to adversity and health strength is a cognitive skill and accessible condition for virtually anybody, that can be distributed across the world."

— Drew Bartkiewicz, Co-Founder & CEO Reservoire

Combat veteran, graduate of West Point and Yale

Reservoire Team - Patriapps Logo

Reservoire is a Patriapps Company

Patriapps is an award-winning, veteran founded software company. The lab was founded in 2012 as lettrs by combat and software veteran, Drew Bartkiewicz. He has been featured in Forbes, BBC, and Fox News and was named a Goldman Sachs 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs in 2016.

Patriapps has grown its presence with other 30 veteran partners, creating an impact platform of 6 brands, 3 trademarks and 2 patents.

Patriapps designs and deploys software enabled products and businesses that create a positive and profitable impact, redefining a more purposeful role of technology in society.