Social Intelligence

Reservoire is the first social and content network dedicated to pain and the people who know something about it.  We are smarter than me.

Consider Reservoire as the PainPal in your pocket, ready to listen and motivated to connect you with content and people who have walked in shoes like you.  Reservoire socializes pain easily and openly, so we can all get smarter for whatever pain attaches to our lives.



Reservoire collects community and content from across the globe, specifically about the navigation of physical or emotional pain. 

Reservoire augments that social intelligence with machine learning and social algorithms as we power the biggest engine for personalized content in the world. The collection and connection for resilience now exists with Reservoire.

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Pain management is traditionally a lack connection, a void in connecting with the people who suffer like you do.  Reservoire introduces artificial intelligence and a dedicated rerserves network.  Whether you want to be a friend or mentor to someone with pain, or you have questions about managing your own pain, join the global collection of resilient minds and media in the world.  

The science and the social of resilience is here.  Reservoire unlocks the ultimate source to overcome.




The biggest lessons in pain and resilience are those already experienced by someone a lot like you.  Knowing how interconnected pain can be unlocks an awareness to find strength in the paths of others.

Personalized information is delivered to your feed, giving you the chance to share it, save it and of course learn from it.

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