"Pain and resilience are the most social and trans-generational subjects I know, so harnessing a new reserve for people to become more resilient is our goal." Harvey Schiller, Chairman of lettrs, Inc.

Since 1950, personal pain and mental health have become a global phenomenon, creating addictions to Opiods, isolating people to loneliness, and even limiting the potential of the 1.5 billion people in the world estimated to have chronic pain.  Resilience is as much physical as it is emotional, but it is always social in varying degrees.


The Mission of Reservoire

Unlock the untapped social intelligence about resilience through the largest global conversation and repository of pain and wellness information and media in the world.

Reservoire is the most meaningful application of mobile communications and social media that I have heard about in a decade. The network inspires a new lens by which to see pain as something more than just medication.
— Dr. Joseph Vecciarino

reservoire helps you collect and see your reserves

  • Experience artificial intelligence for pain

  • Start your own conversation

  • Follow forums based on resilience and health topics

  • Share experiences and ideas

  • Engage others across the globe

  • build your own "reserves" library of information and videos 

  • Discover images, videos and stories of resilience and pain, to get smarter, if not better