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Partnership - Resilient Health Outcomes

Resilience Improves Health Outcomes

It isn’t something that should just be addressed after a trauma or diagnosis, it should be cultivated regularly to better handle life’s everyday stressors and improve overall health.

We work with medical professionals, nonprofits, employers, and health companies to improve wellness and resilience within their communities and organizations.

Alliance Partners


patient support groups

Thanks to our alliance with the Line of Site Foundation, we have a special program for youth and patient associations to benefit from Reservoire resilience offerings. We invite patient and advocacy groups for mental and physical wellness to be part of the remedies to resilience.

Please send us your inquiry and we will provide you the program for distributing resilience in your organization.

managed care companies

Over the last decade, advances in machine learning, AI and personalization technology have become the means by which we can now “train the brain” to be smarter about mental and physical wellness. Reservoire partners with some of the most respected content and intelligence providers in health to deliver the personalized member agent right to a smartphone.

Inquire here about our distribution model with managed care companies to make members more resilient with the Reservoire Application.


Corporate Partners


The return on resilience in your organization is shown in higher employment retention, morale, productivity and innovation capacities.

The Reservoire application gives employees personalized meter readings, real time content based on profiles and machine learning to grow those factors that contribute to productivity and retention. Activate machine learning and Wellbot for your team.

Advertising sponsors

Did you know that resilience to pain and adversity is allocated down to 90 factors? Each of those factors are continually mined across the digital web, contextualized and personalized down to the profile of individuals and their interests.

Your company can be one of the 90 channel sponsors that drive your brand into the context of resilience. Monthly or annual sponsorship opportunities available.


Health Partners

medical professionals

The #1 factor that increases patient readiness and resilience is information that is personalized, relevant and easy to access.

Reservoire is the first patient-centric application in the world to use machine learning and deep personalization to create the “Waze of pain management” for your patients, whether they are chronic or temporally challenged by health.

Inquire about the way your medical care facility can lower its cost of patient care and improve patient outcomes with Reservoire.