Make your team smarter about health and resilience.

Bring Reservoire Teams to your business and empower teams with the only wellness app designed to build resilience.

Improve employee health IQ’s, increase workplace productivity, and reduce long-term healthcare costs with a better practice of self-care and pain management.

Monthly plans start at $4.99 per member, depending on the size of your team.

“Reservoire is poised to be the of wellbeing.” - Jeff Morgan, MD, VA

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The Use Cases of Reservoire

A mother and business executive receives a Reservoire Health subscription from her company, to give her daily intelligence and a personal indicator to grow and track her Health IQ. As she gets smarter about her interests of migraines, PTSD, aging parents and nutrition, she realizes her health and stress levels are more favorable. She asks her company HR department to extend the subscription to her family.

The father begins to use Reservoire to grow his health literacy and resilience IQ every week, by tracking new intelligence about his interests of biking, anxiety, obesity, hypertension and self-care. He also discovers other people who have similar interests via the "Wellmatch" feature to learn from and be inspired by others in resilience. He now learns not just from the automated intelligence but from peers via their own posts and the option of personal chats at any time

Lastly, the teenager of the house finds that using Reservoire is helping her learn about stress, depression, eating disorders and social anxiety, in the mobilde medium where she spends her time. She also discovers why taking care of her heart and exercise levels are especially important at her age, giving her notifications that nudge her into healthier lifestyle decisions.

The company health insurer offers a 12% premium reduction the following year for all employees and members using Reservoire in 2020, recognizing that as Health IQ’s and self-care skills increase, the cost to insure and medicate drops considerably.

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The Only Machine Learning System for Wellness


Resilience Readers

Members of your team can track their resilience level that automatically pulls from a range of inputs and content intelligence.


Personalized Intelligence

Occupation-specific channel topics like travel fatigue, carpel tunnel, or eye pain continually updated with our machine learning and AI to personalize health.


Interactive Health Bot

Team subscriptions additionally include Wellbot, an intelligent and secure chatbot for individual health questions. All profile information is private to members.


Simple monthly pricing

Enterprise Health begins at $4.99/month per employee

Teams can be used by any company, organization, or group with more than 5 members. Reservoire Teams provides 1-year unlimited access to our full library of healthy content, intelligent chat with Wellbot, advanced AI & machine learning, and access to all future features — all at a discount every month.

Once you activate, we’ll email you a unique team code to redeem your 1-year subscription.


The #1 app to grow human resilience.

Resilience training and connections have been shown to decrease stress, improve performance, and decrease health-related productivity losses. Reservoire Teams was created from military-tested resilience techniques, designed to help organizations operate at peak performance.

Reservoire Teams is a scalable solution for whole person health in the workplace and beyond.


Is the health of your team hurting workplace productivity?

1 in 5

The number of U.S. adults affected by depressive illnesses. Routine stress can play a role in its onset.

$211 billion

The annual cost of depression to the U.S. workforce, with half of these costs being borne by employers.


Employees with high levels of workplace stress are 35% more likely to have a physician-diagnosed medical condition.

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Reservoire can help you reverse this trend

Research shows that employees who are thriving have 41% lower health-related costs compared with employees who are struggling. Reservoire is the only platform that builds lifelong resilience in teams - at work, at home, and anywhere else.

teams have access to the full suite of reservoire premium

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Reservoire Teams - AI & Machine Learning
Any occupation has pressure and obstacles, and our team increases resilience and personal health with Reservoire in ways we never expected.
— Bob Eisiminger, Knight Point Systems